Introduction to Arts and Crafts For Preschoolers


Introducing Preschool students to Arts and Crafts.

I loved art class as a child, it was my favorite subject in school. Painting and exploring with new techniques and paints were adventures to me. The most interesting part of art class in school, was when a project involved glue. I wasn’t one of those kids that ate the glue, but glue was definitely something that intrigued me. Glue could be used to hold paper together for projects, or it can be used to bond glitter to paper, wood, or any project. Using different types of scissors to cut, some had patterns, some cut straight, but it was always interesting to me as a child to discover that there were so many different ways to create, and build your own art.

I enjoyed art so much in school, that I had to have more. I asked my mother to enroll me in arts and crafts classes after school .

Because of this fascination with art in preschool, my love for art as an adult blossomed. Having a solid foundation in understanding art as a child, will help preschool children to discover many creatives sides of themselves. My arts and crafts hobby now includes painting, jewelry, knitting, and sculptures. It allows me to make gifts for all occasions for little or no cost, and brings me loads of satisfaction, knowing that I created a gift with a personal touch. I owe all of my passion for art to my foundation and discovery of art through school as a child.


Because I have identified that this played an important role in discovering my passion for arts and crafts, I have decided to aid in the discovery of my children’s interests in arts and crafts. To spur on my children’s inquisitive nature, and help them to develop a true understanding of any form of art that they show interest in.

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