Expert and Beginner Saltwater Fishing Instructions


From beginner to expert, here is a complete infomation base on how to catch the fish you are after. From specific techniques for the expert to beginning fishing, we try to cover it all.

  1. Learning to Fish
  2. Bottom Fishing
  3. Inshore Fishing
  4. Offshore Fishing

Learning to Fish


Learn to fish using a variety of techniques. Here is help for the beginner fisherman that can go a long way toward maing your fishing experience enjoyable.

  • Helping Kids Learn to Fish
  • How One Old Man Helped a Boy Fish
  • Look for Fish in All the Right Places
  • Avoiding Crowds While Fishing
  • Beginner Dolphin Trolling Basics
  • Fishing with Family
  • Fishing Rod Buying Basics
  • Know When and How to Chum
  • How To Quickly Rig a Ballyhoo
  • Choosing the Right Terminal Tackle
  • Basic Kingfish Baits
  • Night Fishing Tips
  • Fish Hook Selection Makes a Difference
  • The Right Hook
  • Setting the Hook
  • Hook Picture Gallery
  • When Not to Set the Hook!!
  • Drop Shot Fishing in Saltwater
  • Releasing a Gut Hooked Fish

Knot-Tying you need to know about knot- tying. Learn how now.

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Bottom Fishing


Here are many ‘How To’ article that cover bottom fishing, everything from terminal tackle to hook setting.

  • Choosing the Right Terminal Tackle
  • Head Boat Fishing
  • Georgia’s Bottom Fishing
  • Deep Jigging Basics
  • Fishing Rod Buying Basics
  • Catching Beeliners – Fishing for Vermillion Snapper
  • Drop Shot Fishing in Saltwater
  • Boom Rigs for Drift and Deep Water Fishing
  • How to Catch What Bites
  • Catching Grouper – Fishing for Grouper
  • Fishing Rod Buying Basics
  • Be a Line Watcher – Fishing Techniques
  • Head Boat Fishing
  • Listen for Black Drum
  • Beating the Crowds
  • Gulf Grouper Fishing
  • Bass Tackle for Red Snapper
  • Bank on Red Snapper this Spring
  • Feeding a Fish
  • Live Bait Rules – A Dilemma

Inshore Fishing


For those who choose to fish the protected bays, inlets and marshes, these pages will provide tips and tactics to help you catch your limit every trip!

  • Using Artificial Lures for Spotted Seatrout
  • Catching Cold Water Seatrout
  • Flounder Fishing Tips and Methods that Work
  • Fish Hook Selection Makes a Difference
  • Learning to Fish
  • How To Make Bait Tips For Jigs
  • How To Tie a Float Stop
  • South Georgia Inshore Fishing
  • An All Day Low
  • Is There a Best Boat to Own?
  • Whats in a Swivel?
  • Half Day Fishing
  • Georgia’s Year-Round Redfish
  • Fishing a Jig Head
  • Lessons from a Redfish Expert
  • Redfish on the Fly
  • Redfish or Rough Fish?
  • Let’s Catch Some Sheepshead
  • Fiddling for Sheepshead
  • Catch Mangrove Snapper on the Keys

Offshore Fishing


Fishing the big water for ocean going fish takes some specific equipment and some specific knowledge to be successful. Here are some tips and tactics to help you find and catch offshore fish.

  • Dealing with Offshore Thunderstorms
  • Florida’s Hidden Treasure
  • When Is It Safe to Fish Offshore?
  • The Effects of Water Temperature
  • Georgia’s Bottom Fishing
  • Circle Hooks to the Rescue!
  • Doing the Kingfish Troll
  • Choosing the Right Terminal Tackle
  • Offshore Spawning Redfish
  • A Very Mixed Bag
  • Summer Warming Means Fish
  • Action on Offshore Reefs and Wrecks Lights Up
  • Line Size Makes a Difference
  • Know When and How to Chum
  • Making Fish Bite
  • Greenhead Seabass Below
  • Deep Jigging
  • Beginner Dolphin Trolling Basics
  • Square Grouper and Bull Dolphin
  • Bulls Crashing the Bait
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