Top Ten Best Paintball Guns


Planet Eclipse Ego 09

 It’s the ever best in all aspect… The functions are very high tech. Feel at ease to use it while participating in tournaments…

Explodes all the time when I use it

yea jack

about Planet Eclipse Ego 09

2 Invert Mini

 Every time I use this I spam the trigger hehe and I become a walking tank. Best paintball gun EVER. Use this. It’s like the AK74u in black ops, but not overpowered. And this is paintball. Not Call of Duty.

Best GuN! Empire is the best and will be forever. I love this gun. It has great speed and accuracy. Each time I use it, I destroy.
Heard it has best accuracy and easy enough to shoot with and by the way I might play paintball today at O’hare Paintball Park…! Hope I have fun! Its my 3rd time!
about Invert Mini

3 U.S. Army Alpha Black Tactical

Very awesome owns every time sweetest paintball gun ever to work the planet

  I like this gun because its easy to use and very light it shoots really fast and very strong and it has good accurate that’s why you should use this gun

Easy to use. Many upgrades available for the gun. Also you can use the upgrades
For the 98 custom on the alpha black. The accuracy on the is sharp but range not so much. You would want to buy a longer barrel for the gun. Overall the gun is easy to use and cheap enough to buy.

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4 Tippmann 98 Custom

 Functions great, reasonably priced and is just a gun that can take punishment. Love it

Personaly best gun I have ever used. Never jams, very powerful, very fast, better with cyclone feeding system makes it a lot more faster.

Shoots nice, never brakes

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5 DM9

This is the smoothest shooting, most robust marker I have ever owned. Shoots well, Works in the woods and at the speedball venues, very efficient and comes with a great board.

Own a dm12 and you couldent destroy it if you wanted to

Very Durable, just like the Tippman. UPGRADE HEAVEN too. This gun shouts out “watch out Tippman NUBS here comes the DM9!

6 Proto Rail

Very good working guns no problems and shoots fast

 proto rail special edition with asa on off switch and virtue board. Its a monster. Only thing better is the reflex rail at these prices

I thing this is one on the best there is out there. Accurate and light.

7 REV-i

quiet gun works great esy to main tain overall good gun


its awesome because you can flip the trigger


8 Bob Long Closer EXP

This is a high end gun. It shoots and feels amazing. The only comparable gun is ego and dm everything else is inferior!

9 Shocker

If you have a nicely tuned shocker it shoots like a beast

10 Proto SLG

Best paintball gun of 2013

If you were wondering what gun would make it to the top for the best paintball gun of the year 2013 you’ve come to the right place. Rumors has it the Dye DM13 Paintball gun, beside being one of the most popular guns out there, it also been estimated that, it’s currently the most advanced paintball gun to have ever been built. This master piece is considered to be really quite, smooth and as accurate as a paintball gun can get.

This is the type of gun that you can be sure will stand by your side and will never let you down. The DM13, priced at around $1300 retail is considered the most reliable, well established, longest-running marker in Dye’s history if not the paintball history. So if you were dreaming of having the best of the best paintball gun, all in one, your dream might have just come true!

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