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How much does it cost?
Are there any costs at all for this service?
In order for conference participants to reach our service, each one must call a telephone number. For Reservationless Standard and Web-Scheduled Standard conferences this number may be local or long distance, depending on their location. The only costs for these type of conference calls are whatever long distance rates are charged by each individual conference participant’s long distance carrier (Sprint, MCI, AT&T, etc.). We do not require the use of any specific carrier, nor do we know what rates you pay on your calling plan.

For Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conference calls the dial-in number will be a toll-free number. The conference Organizer will pay $0.10 per minute for each Participant in the conference. Since the Participants in the conference will use a toll-free number they will not incur any charges for use of our service.

For further information please refer to our Services chart for a detailed comparison of our three conference products. top

Do you place a surcharge on the call? Will anything extra appear on my phone bill?
Reservationless Standard and Web-Scheduled Standard conferences:
No. There are absolutely no surcharges. For Reservationless Standard Web-Scheduled Standard and Web-Scheduled Web-Scheduled Standard conferences, nothing extra will appear on your bill other than the call itself, billed at your normal long long-distance rate.

Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conferences:
Yes, for Web-Scheduled Premium 800 conference calls, nothing will appear on your phone bill whatsoever. Instead, we will bill your credit card for the total amount of time each participant is present in the conference call, at the rate of $0.10 per minute per caller, plus the Federal Universal Service Fund Fee.

Beginning October 1, 2008, iotum®, will begin assessing the Federal Universal Service Fund Fee on all paid telecommunication services*, which is designed to recover iotum’ contribution to the Federal Universal Service Fund.

iotum calculates the Federal Service Fund Fee as a percentage of all per–minute premium services. The percentage that iotum applies is the same as the FCC’s universal service contribution factor.

How many people can be on a conference call?
Conference calls can have up to 150 participants. If you would like to conduct an Event-Sized Conference with 150+ participants, please contact customer support for more information or to schedule a call. For further information, please see our Services comparison chart.

A conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call. The conference calls may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call, or the call may be set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak. It is sometimes called ATC (Audio Tele-Conference).
Conference calls can be designed so that the calling party calls the other participants and adds them to the call; however, participants are usually able to call into the conference call themselves by dialing a telephone number that connects to a “conference bridge” (a specialized type of equipment that links telephone lines).
Companies commonly use a specialized service provider who maintains the conference bridge, or who provides the phone numbers and PIN codes that participants dial to access the meeting or conference call.
The more limited Three-way calling is available (usually at an extra charge) on home or office phone lines. For a three-way call, the first called party is dialed. Then the Hook flash button (or recall button) is pressed and the other called party’s phone number is dialed. While it is ringing, flash / recall is pressed again to connect the three people together. This option allows callers to add a second outgoing call to an already connected call.

With no minimums, no set up fees and no contracts, Unlimited Conferencing gives you the highest quality conferencing at one of the lowest rates you’ll find anywhere.

Manage your Call
The most intuitive way to view and manage conference calls. Watch live as callers join in and use the control panel to manage conference features. You’ll see which callers are talking, which are muted or left the call. This is the best way to manage question and answer sessions after an operator-assisted conference call.

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