Marriott Vacation Club


We love Marriot’s fair pricing, stunning resorts, great support staff and access to over 2,400 resorts worldwide.

The net sum of cash required to get started in Marriott Vacation Club is fairly daunting but a goodlong-term investment.

The Verdict
: 9.68/10

The quality and quantity of Marriot properties and their world class support staff make Marriott timeshares great vacation investments.

Marriott brings their chain of recognizable hotels to mind before it conjures images of luxury island resorts or Swiss Alp getaways. Instead of simple accommodation, Marriott Vacation Club provides members partial ownership of luxurious resort properties in some of the world’s most desirable vacation destinations. Thanks to fair pricing, stunning resorts and a solid support staff, Marriott Vacation Club earns our top spot in our vacation club review and the accompanying TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.


Club Features:
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Marriott Vacation Club operates without resorting to any of the underhanded tactics often associated with the timeshare industry. Marriott does after all have a reputation to look after. When you buy into the Marriott Vacation Club you can rely on having access to well maintained properties in premier locations.

Marriott Vacation Club operates on a point system similar to other timeshare networks. Happily, unlike some other networks, you are not locked down to a specific week every year. Instead, you can use Marriott Vacation Club points during an entire season of your choosing. We appreciate the flexibility of this option.

Marriott Vacation Club condominium style units are available in 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom layouts and all feature kitchens equipped with silverware and cookery.


Whether you prefer to vacation on the seaside or in the heart of a major metropolis, Marriott Vacation Club has holdings available that will provide your ideal getaway. With golf resorts, beachfront properties, ski town locations, urban luxury resorts and family-oriented theme park resorts, Marriott Vacation Club offers members a wide variety of vacation experiences.

The majority of Marriott Vacation Club’s resorts are located in the United States, most densely in Hawaii, California and Florida. For the traveler more interested in an international experience, Marriott has resorts in Thailand, the Caribbean, Spain, France and Aruba.

Should you at some point decide you’d like to try a vacation or resort not included in Marriott Vacation Club’s property roster, Marriott is affiliated with the Interval International timeshare exchange network. Thanks to their partnership with Interval International, Marriott Vacation Club members have access to over 2,400 resorts worldwide.

Membership Benefits:

Part of membership in Marriott Vacation Club is enrollment in the Marriott Rewards program. Using the Marriott Rewards credit card earns points which can later be applied toward hotel stays, airline miles, car rentals, cruises, golf packages, dinners and other goods and services.

Member Support:

Marriott Vacation Club staff assist members in making reservations at resorts. Marriott resorts are popular and do require booking in advance. In the case of emergency cancellation, Marriott will rollover a portion of your points for future use.

Staff at Marriott Vacation Club resorts are professional and accommodating. Members have access to organized activities, services and travel assistance at all of their locations.

Investment Value:

Marriott Vacation Club timeshares are long term investments. A timeshare of a 2-bed, 2-bath unit has an initial price tag of $25,400. Additionally, members are obliged to pay annual maintenance fees on the timeshare. While the net sum of cash required to get started in Marriott Vacation Club is fairly daunting, the quality of their properties and access to their support staff put Marriott timeshares amongst the most stable vacation investments.


Just like a home or a car, timeshares are major investments. Buying into Marriott Vacation Club is a sound decision for families, couples and individuals that want to have twenty years of luxury vacation property available.

Be sure to read our reviews of other timeshare investment opportunities on our vacation club review site. With side-by-side feature comparisons and in-depth reviews of leading vacation clubs, you’ll be ready to make an informed investment. Travel Hotels

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